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Our brides are, undoubtedly, the most demanding, the most subtle, the most fun and best friend! Of course, you want to surprise them and prepare them an unforgettable bridal  shower party!

We propose you the t-shirts and veils for the bachelorette party!


Only in  our salon you can order T-shirts made  from  100% cotton TM JHK (Spain) in any color, in  any size (S, M, L, XL, XXL) and any number for the bride, for bridesmaids, for grooms and their friends, parents newlyweds! And in the bridal salon Slanovskiy can give you small veils  for rent for parties!


Why do you need it?


First, same T-shirts unite! Only dressed the same, all the company feels the corporate spirit event!


Second, if you are planning a wedding rehearsal, you just need to identify yourselves as bridesmaids, bride and groom, parents of the bride and groom as the main participants in this important event.


Wedding rehearsal will help you focus during the ceremony, to learn your roles for wedding photos and videos, as well as just have fun and get acquainted with all the relatives and friends of the young couple!


Third, if the bride  and  the groom  have ordered  the offsite ceremony, and  they will have semi-official register office ceremony, t-shirts come in handy again.



Sasha Vilenskiy:

"When I got known that  Slanovskiy  is selling T-shirt for the bride or bridesmaids, I  was totally  surprised, because of  the  fact that bridal salon should specialize on wedding dresses and matching accessories, but not on T-shirts. Having decided to go to a salon and see personally their availability and quality I was pleased to see that "advertised" shirts fully match the reality: both the stunning quality shirts and prints on it. I immediately bought myself this beauty and advised all of my girlfriends, because everybody can be a bride, but " the Slanovskiy Bride " ... :) "



Order T-shirts and veils from bridal salon Slanovskiy now by phone. 674-069 or 050-017-19-07 and you will be able fully enjoy the spirit of the wedding!




P.S.T-shirts available in colors: white, gray, red, crimson, orange, yellow, green, lime, turquoise (bright blue), light blue, dark blue, purple, brown, black.

Colors of shirts: black and white

Posted: 2012.09.19 17:09