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The history of Kate's and Vlad's relations permited  by  romantism and  French traditions. Why Franch? Judge yourself, meeting of this wonderful couple was held at the pub, which is one of the favorite ways for French to start relationship. Relations have developed rapidly and passionately - Vlad enamored with Kate, who just bloomed beside him. Sweethearts traveled together, did everything together, made romantic photoshoots, meet friends together and parted only during work or sleep.

Kate: "When Vlad was first touched me, I realized that this is my world. Hands. The smell of his hair. With a hoarse voice, "Baby ...". We just made to each other. We couldn’t not  to meet. Otherwise, the world would not survive. I feel sometimes like a cartoon filled with hearts. to the brim And here we go with him hand by the hand, and these hearts begin to beat very quickly and jump out from everywhere - from the eyes, ears, stomach ... And I want to shout loudly: "Look, the sky, he's mine!" Happiness exists. It’s name is Vlad. "

Engagement of Kate and Vlad was also held by the classical French tradition. For months on the left forth finger  of Katyusha had been splashed an engagement ring. Why on the left? The old tradition telling that the left hand is related to the heart and the ring on the fourth finger creates an invisible bond between lovers.


The wedding gown, like a real French woman, Kate has chosen a half a year before the wedding. After all, so many things you have to prepare, so why do you need to be distracted by what you can do in advance?



Katе: "Have been serfing on many wedding sites, I could not look away from the dress byTM . Not ot  romantic with original translucent corset with Chantilly lace, embroidered with Swarovski stones, it was the best fit into the vision of our wedding. And when I tried it on, my enthusiasm was boundless! Morover we have been  connected  to a salon Slanovskiy - we won the contest of the week "Chernigov city of beloved" timed to the opening of the salon. "


Bridesmaids arranged for the bride a traditional bachelorette party. They presented her a photo collage about her life before Kate met Vlad, showered  her with traditional gifts for the wedding night and surprised the bride with unusual cake. But the groom hasn’t  left without a bachelor party, organized by his friends.


Vlad: "My friends have prepared a whole program of entertainment. The evening began in a pub Vareniks - in fact that's where we met), 12 people brought together (for a quiet conversation.) Well, after 2 hours we were on our way to the house next to r. Desna, where there was music, different kinds of drinks, well, chat with your friends!) The evening passed in memories, about past,  present  and  future). Everything waswell, the joy, the laughter, a lot of emotions! Thanks guys, it is well when you are appreciated. We walked all night, called the bride, worried for a bachelorette party, even thought to visit it) - not to spoil it, but to make a noise, to laugh and escape under cover of the disco) ".

Vlad: "According to a one of the French traditions, our wedding took place in a single day. We pre-sent invitations to the receptionand the wedding banquet. I came to pick up Katyusha from the salon Slanovskiy, when I saw her in a wedding gown, I could not utter a word. This is the most unexpected moment when you first see your beloved in a wedding dress. You could not prepare yourself, to this day – it’s so exciting and fun mega nice! ) Wedding - a step in life, to be conscious confident, responsible) we made it) I love it! The ceremony requires much attention and time to prepare, but - it worth it, this day was for us, because on that day it was not him and her- it's WE)) ".

At the exit from the salonSlanovskiy bride and groom were awaited by the witnesses and relatives, who showered them with rice, rose petals, colored confetti,candies meaning the richness and sweet life.

The reception was organized by the creative agency Amore Amore. Bride led by her brother Nicholay went  down  the aisle to  the altar, and the groom were himself  under the fiery music.

A touching ceremony left no one indifferent, guests were not just happy for newlyweds, but could not hold back tears looking at the kind and gentle kisses of Kate and Vlad. Most French wedding drink - champagne marked the beginning of «la reception». The couple themselves filled mound of glasses and invited the guests to cheer their new family.

At the wedding dinner, as in France, each guest received a gift from the newlyweds - wedding bumps. Fine cuisine with traditional binding Strasbourg foie gras, Baeckeoffe - braised potatoes with meat, the plate of cheeses cheered guests, and the traditional wedding cake with meringue - a symbol of tenderness was the perfect complement of the holiday.

Bridal shower photos by Natali Solonchuk 

Wedding photos by Andrey Larin 

Makeup  by Larisa Gritsay

Wedding  gown Slanovskiy 8218, jewelery Jolanta Radziszewska



Posted: 2013.01.06 11:56