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On the June 15th 2012 a professional crew including: a professional make up artist Marina Lihacheva, a hairdresser Irina Kornevskaya, a photographer Roman Vilenskiy and the owners of the Slanovski salon Yulia and Sergey Shvydkih got together for an amazing goal – to help Darina Panasenko not just to represent her well but also to bring the crown of the winner to our great city.

To begin they decided with a photo shoot, because without a professional photossesion it is so hard for a modern girl to win smth like this beauty contest. Darina, will describe her feelings and emotions, and while she’s doing this you can easily give a grade to  the work, we have done together and vote for Chernihiv StudMis – Darina Panasenko on the web site http://studmis.com and http://vk.com/studmis


Darina Panasenko: “ Last Sunday, June 15th I had a photo shoot, it was not my fist one but I think the most remarkable one. A photo shoot is one of the most important “ingredients” for the competition “StudMis Ukraine 2012”, the other important thing is a video, we’ve already got some awesome ideas, but this is gonna be a little secret and I will tell you about this next time.
It was all on the high level of quality: first of all I’ve got my hair done, then a gorgeous make up, I’ve been given a dress, that I fail in love with and the most beautiful jewelry, that made my look completed. It seemed to me like I was a part of a, my childhood favorite, fairy tale “Cinderella”, and transformed from an ordinary girl to a princess.

I would like to thank you a beauty salon “Egoistka”, specifically – Ira Koreneva for an awesome skills making magic to hair, make up artist Marina Lihacheva for a special talent that gives her the ability to see in a person something that other people can't see and be able to emphasize that something, to an owner of a Wedding Salon Slanovskiy Yulia Shvydkiy for the organization of my transformation and to a photographer Roman Vilenskiy for a capability to stop a moment.”


Posted: 2012.07.17 14:03