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All brides in something are similar. This happens because in the last few centuries, wedding fashion varies only in details. The main colors of wedding dresses are white and ivory, almost always the bride's head adorns the veil, shoes are chosen in a color of the dress, and the classic silhouettes are six. So how do you stand out and emphasize your individuality?

Here comes the aid of accessories. They will make your image complete and not like the others. With their help, you can set the mood of the wedding and make a reality of your most cherished dreams.

To present you a new collection of original hats, wreaths, vails and studs from VualS.

The collection was developed by talented master of the craft - Valentina Svistun specifically for wedding dresses by TM Slanovskiy, TM Selektion. Almost all hair accessories can be made both in ivory and white. All are hand made - it's not the factory stamping but an unique products, not like the others.

Valentine: "This collection was created at a time when the first warm rays of the sun, the scent of spring flowers and drops put an end to a long and cold winter. Spring and many smiles on the streets of the city became the source of my inspiration. That is why in my work I use a floral theme. With the softest silk I can pass fragility, touching of a flower, spring mood and flavor of summer. That’s why silk flowers have become a leitmotif of my collection. "

Details in the Accessories section.

To order a stylish hair accessory from VualS call now  050-017-19-07 or  0462-674-069

Photos  by  Andrey  Kudin  http://kudin.com.ua

Hairstyle Irina  Koreneva

Makeup Valentina Svistun, Larisa  Gricay

Gowns Slanovskiy



Posted: 2012.08.29 10:16