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Recently , April 22, bombshells Julia Naumova (Second Vice-Lady of Ukraine in 2010) Svetlana Vasyuk (Geometia Face) and Yana Jakubec (Young Miss Chernigov 2010) visited the bridal salon Slanovskiy in Chernigov. Graduations and wedding season has already begun, that’s why girls have decided to pick some new clothes for the new débuts !

The girls looked  for something unusual and stylish, fashionable and sophisticated that  was  the  reason  for  choosing  the brand salon Slanovskiy. Julia Naumova is  a  long-time fan of the brand. Working and studying in the capital, she  is often attended numerous fashion shows of the trade house in the frames of Ukrainian fashion week.

"Julia is very extraordinary person, she has been getting the third degree, working as an assistant of Ex-minister of Cabinet of  Ministers, she often attends social events, and her friends used to see her in classical cloth. So we offered her a bridal gown from the latest collection, which emphasize her individuality, and will focus on her flawless figure. The combination of chiffon, semi-transparent mesh and feather bolero, Swarovski beads and novelty of the season - a natural lining, which makes the dress very pleasant to the body – suits to  face  of the bride, "says the director of the salon, Julia Shvydkoi.


Lovers of parties, presentations and long limousines Svetlana and Yana opted for the evening gowns TM Slanovskiy. After all, yellow dress with hand-painted flowers and Swarovski crystals, picked  by  Yana, is so summer lighted and elegant. It can be put on a wedding party and at the club and even on the red carpet! A combination of black lace with a cream satin  in  a dress picked  by  Svetlana with an open back is so modern and sexy!


Looking  to  a sideboard with the jewelry made with CRYSTALLIZED TM-Swarovski elements, and 925 silver, girls could not resist trying them. Jewelry by Jolanta Radziszewska – a famous designer , is handmade, which can only be bought in Slanovskiy stores. They do not darken, do not fade and are suitable for both everyday wear and for special occasions. Manufacturing the jewelry designs in  2012 Jolanta has also used zirconium, which made the collection more interesting.


Before recording to the fitting, the girls expressed a desire to capture the touching moments in the preparations for the wedding in Slanovskiy salon at the camera, which was organized at their request, with the help of a professional photographer Dorian Blond, hairdresser Irina Koreneva and make-up maker Likhachova Marina.

«You can love or hate Paris Hilton, but you can not deny her charm. Almost the same could be said about Julia Naumova (the image of Paris Hilton), a charming, charismatic lady. What should  you  do to look like this charming girl:

 Step 1. Start with an eye make up. Put a little concealer and eye basis on the lids, then use a dark pencil.

Step 2. With the help of liquid eyeliner you can effectively highlight the top line of the eyelashes. This method allows you to make yourself look incredibly profound.

Step 3. Using the same eyeliner, underline the lower lash line to the symmetry of the image.

Step 4. With the help of a brush with soft bristles distribute the light shadows in a way that each eye pleat was painted.

Step 5. Apply gentle green, flickering shadows over the bright and pale beige on the outside corner of the eye. This will give an extra elegant look.

Step 6. Put on the upper and lower lashes some  black mascara.

Step 7. Spread a light liquid concealer to cover dark circles under the eyes.

Step 8. Blend peach blush to  make cheekbones not so pale.

Step 9. At the end of the makeup, apply a light beige lipstick and moisturizing gloss in a  gentle peach colour on the lips.

    For the bridesmaids, Svetochka Vasyuk and Yanochka Jakubiec we selected the most current makeup of a young ladies and not only  -  the smoky eyes and arrows.

    Svetochka is a very beautiful girl with the smoky eyes and pink lipstick, I desided  to  highlighte  all her natural sexuality.


For this makeup you will need: some powder, a broad powder brush, a brush for applying shadows, shadows in dark colors, black or in harmony with the soft shades of eyeliner, lengthening or volume mascara, cotton swabs, lipsticks. First of all you’ll need to align the tone of the face. If you have dark under-eye circles, first mask them with concealer and powder on top. It is also desirable to apply a base shadow - makeup will not slip into the folds of the eyelids.

Step 1. Take a soft pencil - the color depends on the color of shadows. You can use smoky eyes gray-black or jet-black range.

Step 2. Mark a  line with a pencil along the lash line, move the upper eyelid.

Step 3. Start painting over lower eyelid with apencil from the outer corner of eye. The line should be fine! It can shade a cotton swab or soft brush to shadows.

Step 4. A dark shade should  be put on the upper eyelid (paint over the pencil lines, and rising above the line of the eyebrows). Apply shadows, as if hammering them into the eyelid.

Step 5. Take a lighter shade and apply them from the fold of the upper eyelid, rising to the eyebrows. To make the transition from dark to a lighter tone soft, use a good blend border brush.

Step 6. Now, start painting the dark shadows of the lower eyelid. From the outer corner to the middle of the eye color do more intense than from the middle to the inner corner.

Step 7. Complete  smoky eyes makeup with mascara application. The upper and lower eyelids stained profusely from the roots.

Step 8. To remove sprinkled during the application shadows, take a broad brush, dip it in a powder and apply on the area under the eyes.

Underline the eyebrows, apply blush, lipstick, and your make-up ready!

Yanochka’s make-up  - the arrow keys. The secret of popularity of eye make-up with an arrows is simple: all the arrows makes an  open eyes effect and make the face younger. The arrows are suitable for any eye color, fit to blonde, brunette, and red.” Said Marina Likhacheva. 

Sveta  Vasuk: "Impressions from visiting the salon and the shoots are most positive! It was at the highest level! Fun, interesting and positive! We must pay tribute and say thank you to professionals: makeup artist, Marina Likhacheva, master barber, Ira Koreneva, the best photographer, Dorian, owners of the Salon-Julia and Sergey Shvydkiy and of course to  a models! huge thanks to all), it was fun)) "


Julia Naumova: "The most comfortable photo shoot I  ever had! Salon owners create a family atmosphere so I wanted to stay there for a long time) you are the best."



For this makeup you will need: some powder, a broad powder brush, a brush for applying shadows, shadows in dark colors, black or in harmony with the soft shades of eyeliner, lengthening or volume mascara, cotton swabs, lipsticks. First of all you

Posted: 2012.05.03 14:05