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Brief tournament

September is traditionally meets us not only with the day of knowledge, but also the major sport event of the year - the international boxing tournament "King of the Ring." This year's tournament was a little different from the previous ones, not only in the number and quality of matches, but the fact that the tournament  finally loomed its new format - "King of the Ring" became one kind  of sport  day- boxing! Now, the tournament will be included in the calendar of the All-Ukrainian activities!


International tournament "King of the Ring" is a sort of club of professionals and fans of boxing. The duration is one night, which is aimed to promote the sport. As part of the "King of the Ring" On September 7, 8 fights, seven of which included athletes from Chernigov took pace. The fighting took place due to the Olympic system: three rounds of 3 minutes. Between rounds - 1 minute break.


What offered us King of the Ring accept of boxing?


International tournament "King of the Ring” is not only famous for fighting. This year, organizers have pleased the audience with a spectacular opening event. Chernihiv is famous not only by boxersbut  also by  a dance team! So dance shows from the School of Dance "Evet" and 3D Dance studio hot up theaudience before and during the tournament.


Why does Slanovskiy support in essence the “male” event?


First, Slanovskiy - is not only wedding dresses, but also philosophy. We do not just sell clothes, we sell a dream of  a girl! A dream of how beautiful princess will be a bride on her wedding day! And what is a wedding without the groom?



So, wishing happiness to our clients, we support sports activities that promote sports among the male half of the population. After all, each of us, wants to be with a strong man who can protect, to give a shoulder and give a chance to feel like a little girl, at least sometimes. And this kind of sports - boxing develops not only physical fitness of athletes, but also their intelligence.


After all, not switching on the brain, you cannot guess where to expect an impact and cannot calculate the strategy of fighting. For this reason that the most famous boxers in the world - the Klitschko brothers are also PhDs!


Second, among our brides and grooms we have a great pair - Darin and Viktor Kuzmenko (World Kickboxing Champion), who was one of the highlights of the 2011 season pairs!


And this is Darin’s review about  our  salon "I selected Slanovskiy because of a very good quality of  the dresses. Sewn on the conscience of the good stuff. Huge selection of very beautiful dresses and affordable pricing. So you know what you pay for))) I think there are no equal salons in Chernigov. If I’d married again, I would have come ones  more! ))) "

Third, no doubt boxing is, first of all show, and here, we are always on top, because the we  keep  friendship  and  working  attitude with most beautiful girls. Our girl: Kate Gurskaya, Kate and Alex Selivon Chesnokov, became a decoration  of the tournament, showing the audience round numbers! Guests of "King of the Ring" noted not only the beauty and charm of our beautiful girls, but the originality of their costumes, makeup and hair girls!


So, make up our beauties skillfully executed  by Marina Likhacheva http://vk.com/id17398726 , and the costumes prepared by Kate Gurskaya.


About winners

1 fight (60 kg) - Roman Vlasyuk (Kiev) - Maxim Voronin (Chernihiv)

Won (by points) - Maxim Voronin, 18. Experience - 4 years. Held 45 fights, of which - 40 victories. The winner of the European Cup of Clubs 2011. Training in sports school "athlete." Coach - Valery Bondarenko.


2 fight (64 kg) - Vemuna Nissi (Nigeria) - Andrei Shura (Chernigov)

Won (on points) - Andrei Shura, 19. Experience - 6 years. Spent 90 fights, of which - 75 victories. Champion CA "Ukraine". Trains at SSF "ear" Coaches: Andrew Koretz and Vadim Kazanin.


3 fight (64 kg) - Olga Tukach (Gomel, Belarus) - Valentine Shark (Chernihiv)

Victory (by points) - Valentine Shark 24. Held 70 fights, of which - 59 victories. The winner of the Cup of Ukraine 2011. Trains at SSF "ear" Coaches: Andrew Koretz and Vadim Kazanin.


4 fight (64 kg) - Vitaly Kononov (Belarus) - Edgar Tadevosyan (Kiev)

In the second round technical knockout won Vitaly Kononov, 20 years. Experience - 8 years. Conducted 142 combat and won 128 victories. Finalist of the European Championship in 2008 in Bulgaria and European Championship winner in 2011 in Moscow. Coach - Sergei Pianoff.


5 fight (75 kg) - Alexei Salogub (Kiev) - Alexander Zagrebelny (Chernigov)

Convincing victory with a 3-0 won Zagrebelny Alexander, 23 years old. Represents SVSM. In boxing - 10 years. 139 fights, 103 victories. The winner of the international tournament in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Poland, Moldova, and Russia. Coaches: A. and M. Zagrebelny Kostyuchok.


6 fight (69 kg) - James Omobogundzhe (Nigeria) - Eugene Borsch (Varva)

2-1 Omobogundzhe defeated James, 17. Coaches 4 years. Held 79 fights, of which - 72 victory. Medalist tournament strongest boxers of Ukraine in 2012. Winner MT in Poland. Coaches: Sergey Glushchenko, Alexander Vatsak.


7 fight (75 kg) - Vadim Pankov (Belarus) - Vladislav Ladynsky (Chernigov)

2-1 win Vadim Pankov, 18. In boxing - 4 years. 92 boya/81 victory. Medalist of the Cup of the Republic of Belarus, winner MT in Russia. Coach - Sergei Pianoff.


8 fight (75 kg) - Dmitry Atrokhov (Belarus) - Dmitry Mitrofanov (Chernihiv)

In the 3rd round TKO won Dmitriy Mitrofanov, 22. World-class athlete. IC presents "Hope", Cu "ear" and SVSM. Boxing for 12 years. Spent 253 of them won the fight in the 229. Champion of Ukraine in 2008, winner of Euro 2011, the winner of the MT in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Poland. The winner of the match Ukraine - USA. Legionnaire of the World Series of Boxing in the club Mexicano Guerrero, 11 of the world ranking number AIVA middleweight champion. Alumnus coach Vadim Kazanina.

Reviews about tournament

Artem Ponomarenko:"Tournament super surprising! so many emotion, the last battle at all  - bomb Mitrofanov beauty! "

Vova Klimenko, "Yes it was very interesting) last fight was pleased)) highlight)"

Sergey Lisunov: "And in between rounds, it was interesting  too)))"

Vlad Malyarenko: "The Very best tournament, good fights, professional fighters “King of the Ring” is the Best!!!»

Nataly Cherevko: "Excellent photos and just an extraordinary event! )) "

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photos by Roman Nezhyborets





Posted: 2012.09.15 17:45