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The casting  passed  in  two stages. At  the  first one  from  15 participants competent  jury of: StudMiss of  Ukraine  coordinator in  Chernigiv  region Yulia  Zub, BOOM magazine editor Yuliana Shletina, «Beauty Magical Sight» theater of  fashion director Marina Goydenko, executives of  a bridal  brand Slanovskiy Yulia &Sergey Shvydkiy, professional  visage maker Marina Likhacheva and  the representatives of  video-studio Kovtun-Video Evgeniy and  Elena Kovtun  had chosen  girls, who most impressed them.                                             

At the second stage of the casting, beautiful girls had to show their intelligence and talents.  This stage took place in Diamond club. Unanimously jury chosen StudMiss of  Chernigiv!

And here the winner -  Darina  Panasenko - T. Shevchenko Chernigiv National Pedagogical University.

Darina impressed all  members of  jury with  her sincerity, beauty  and  dozens  of  talents. From  the first  minutes  of  our meeting we  understood  that particularly her  we  should send  to  Kiev to  represent Chernigiv at  the  StudMiss  of  Ukraine 2012.

Please meet the  most charmig girl  of  Chernigiv region!

Darina Panasenko: " I invite you together with me to dip into  the past (approximately  the  13-th  of  July 1995).

At 14:47 my eyes first opened to see this beautiful world, filled with so many unknown events. Generally  the number 13 is keeping  up  with me  trough  whole  of  my  life,  maybe  also because of  the  fact  that  I  was  born  the last  13-th  girl at  that  day.

When I was  4 years old,  I  already concerned  with  a  serious case: I've  danced in a public ensemble "Drujba".

In  7 years  old  I  began  studding music, playing  violin,  which  was pretty  good, because  in  2009  I graduated  from  the  music school with  excellent values.

When  I  was  12 I  told "Good  buy" to  a  folk dances and  “Greeted” contemporary  dances in  "Alliance" brake dance  and contemporary  dances  school.

At  the  age of  15  I  continued  to  find  myself and  have  changed the  "Alliance" to  "Inside" dance  center. But  my creative  nature required  future  changes, that's why  I  decided  to  try myself in  something  else.  this  "something  else"  became  a  model  school «KamaLi», where  I've  studied  for  a  half of a year.

Now I'm  17 years  old, I  keep open  something  new,  that's  why  I'm  here: at  the "StudMiss of Ukraine 2012" representing an  ancient Chernigiv  city."

The preparations to  the  final of  StudMiss  of Ukraine 2012 already  began, Darina getting  started  the talent task, developing  the   scenario to  the  video  and  choosing  the dresses.  In all  these she  have  been  supported  by  the  coordinator  Yulia Zub  and Bridal  brand  Slanovskiy.


Photo  by Dorian  Blond & Vitaliy Gulin


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Posted: 2012.07.08 18:34