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Some girls doesn’t like curvy dresses, they are looking for something simpler and refined than classic ball gown or princess dress. One of those girls, the beautiful bride Aliona, who visited dozens of bridal salons not only in our city, but also in the capital, searching of "the gown.


Her choice fell on the Sheath dress with an original volume floral decor, embroidered with original Swarovski stones.


The wedding day was coming on, the dress, the photographer and the restaurant had already been chosen, but our hero wanted to make the celebration special. She was looking for unusual ideas for photography and for the wedding.

Yulia Shvydka, director of bridal salon Slanovskiy: «Aliona is unusual girl. She has an unique charm and beauty. And Aliona is very pleasant to talk to. We always try to help our client, so when Aliona asked to advise her something about the image of the bride, I could not refuse her.
It was decided to emphasize her tenderness with translucent handmade jewelry by Polish designer Jolanta Radziszewska. We do not want to overload the easy look of a modern bride with saturated necklace, so we decided just to refuse it.
As  for the hairstyle of a bride we had a long debates, on the one hand Aliona has a gorgeous curly hair which we wanted  to show, but her natural curls added audacitytoher images, so Aliona stopped on softer "European" style. The bride's hairs were decorated with natural callas, which symbolize the marital happiness, and with a light veil from Venetian lace. 
Andrey Kudin, a professional photographer: "Aliona and Igor is a wonderful couple. Even at our first meeting, we decided that their wedding photography must be different in its originality and its mood. September is a very interesting month for the shooting. Still it is not cold, but the light notes of autumn has already been presenting in nature.
The atmosphere of easiness and lightness had been soaring during the whole shooting process, which couldn’t affect its outcome. The bride and the groom were natural and loving, no doubt, you can see it at their photos.



The shooting location choice was previously discussed by us and I really liked that the couple’s ideas coincided with my ideas. I should note that Aliona and Igor took care for the design of the photo shoot location.Details had drawn attention and pleased, many things were pretty simple and ordinary, but as a for the implementation of the designer's ideas approach, the results were extraordinary. At the same time it took quite a little time for decoration. And the pumpkins, justripened on the field, have become one of the highlights of this wedding of modern Cinderella. 


So Aliona’s and Igor’s reception was the wedding of real prince and princess in a modern way.
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Posted: 2013.03.12 23:41