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Hairdressing Chernigov coupe!!!


Hairdressing Chernigov Cup!


You work as a barber and do not want to stand still? Do you want to evolve and keep pace with the times, creating interesting images? Especially for you bridal salon Slanovskiy, event studio OTF-Perfomance, Boom Magazine, with the support of the Hairdressers Union of Ukraine decided to organize a Chernigov Cup - make-up and hairdressing contest at the annual social event, dedicated to wedding and evening fashion Wedding deluxe show.


Wedding deluxe show- is primarily a presentation of exclusive services for the wedding: wedding fashion, flowers, decorations, catering halls and wedding reception. As part of the show go competitions wedding photography, makeup, hairdressing.


The competition will take place in two stages: Qualifying round - photo contest and the contest of the cocktail and wedding hairstyles itself in real-time during the show. During the preparation to these nominations guide by the images in fashion-books (magazines «Vogue», «Hair's how», "Up", "Mirror," "Beauty», "Wedding magazine", etc.), collection of fashion house "Slanovskiy" .


Nominations:Wedding hairstyle and Сocktail hairstyle based on the Spit

Subject:Diva Slanovskiy


Qualifying round - photo contest:

  1. Both  organizations, and masters working independently may participate in the competition. The  number of  participants in the competition, representing one organization is not limited.
  2. Participants select the competitive program in their sole discretion, and may participate in more than one nomination.
  3.  Master barbers send photos of their works and the completed questionnaire by e-mail: hair_wds@ukr.net, which will be posted on the websites http://slanovskiy.cn.ua/, http://vk.com/club22667175. Until October 15 at these web-sites will take a vote, the results of which will be determined the winner of each category in the People's Choice Award.
  4.  Participation in the qualifying round is free!


Requirements to  the  works:

  1. The works must fully comply with the selected category and topic. The theme should be fully disclosed in the form of the model.
  2.  Hairstyle should reflect the fashion trends of the season. The image of the model should be emphasizing  modern.
  3. The model must necessarily be carried out with makeup, manicures.
  4. Completed work should possess in harmony with the dress and accessories to complete the image. (The organizers can provide clothes and accessories for photo shoots, in case that the photo session would take place in the salon by prior arrangement).
  5.  The work should have never been presented before.
  6. Works are carried out at the workplace of the barber on their models with their working tools and styling. You can use products or ornaments are not closing more than 30% of the model’s hair. In the case of their use, the Master must send photos of the item and indicate this in your application form. The organizer can provide a wedding or a cocktail dress for a photo shoot, and to recommend a professional photographer.


The model requirements

• Age not less than 16 years

• Lack of skin blemishes, tattoo on his face.


Photo requirements:

1.To the consideration you should provide six photographs taken by a professional photographer (photo - close-up image of a model from the front, left and right sides and rear, photo-image of  the model in  full-length and one photo on the selection of participants (a total of 6 pictures of one of the .)

2.Files should be named: name of wizard, working  place  (for example: ivanov_dessange_01.jpg), in the format jpg, jpeg, file size up to 3 MB (preferably vіd 600x900 to 800x1200 pixels, the frame is vertical).

3.Image processing on computer is unacceptable if it distorts the image presented. The contest is taken color photographs. The background image is recommended monotonous.

In case the above conditions, you will not be admitted to the competition!


Evaluation criteria:

1. Way (integrity, compliance with the theme, the harmony of the individual components, the overall impression);

2. Tehnique of performance;

3. Difficulty of work;

4. Color solution

5. Originality, the novelty of the idea.



In November in Chernihiv finals and awards ceremony would take place. The date and venue to be announced.

1. In the finals taking part 8 - 10 artists selected in the first round. The Organizing Committee announces the decision of the jury members and publish it on the website http://slanovskiy.cn.ua/  -  list of winners of the first round before October 22, 2012.

2. The selected participants before November 1 must pay the registration fee of $ _____ USD for one contestant.

Bank details: Beneficiary: FOP Shvydkaya Y., EDRPOU 2966116924, p / p in the AB 260075015107 "Tavrica", MFO 300788 in m.Chernigov, Payment: Payment for participation in the contest of hairdressers

3. The organizer of the contest in the second round provides Masters with a models, dresses and accessories for the fashion show. The  defile of the models in dresses and accessories will be held during the show during the awards ceremony.

4. Every artist should have their own professional materials, tools, cosmetics for the contest.

5. The organizer of the competition provides a working table, two chairs, two sockets for the connection of electrical devices.

6. The organizer does not provide a means of disinfection and sterilization - a party to provide their own.

7. Each artist works in tandem with the make-up artist, which determines the outcome of the contest organizer for makeup artists (for details on the site http://slanovskiy.cn.ua/)

8. Models come in competition with her hair combed. Prepation of the model’s hair (painting, wrapping, alignment) are performed in advance.

9. Permission is granted to use professional products and tools.

10. Allowed to use decorations and additions to the hairstyles that match the wedding (evening) and the closing image of scalp no more than 20%

11. The model can help the contestant, only supporting accessories.


Time 60 minutes


The meeting of the masters with the models will be at least 2 weeks before the final, exact date to be determined after the registration of all masters.


Application form:


Name, Last name 



Date of birth


Place of work (Name of Salon)


Mailing address




Phone number


Where did you first head about this contest? If the Internet, please specify the site


For information call 050-017-19-07 Julia Shvydka

Inspiration  images


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